The complete list of craftable orange outfits

2012-03-13 Shadowspark

Moddable "orange" outfits are a roleplayer's dream. Your character can look as you like it the whole game while staying competitive by upgrading mods. Level 11-19 orange gear is also a strong boost for new toons stat-wise

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Orange crafting recipes are easiest to find on the GTN

Craftable orange gear 101

  • These things change in MMOs. The following information was last updated for patch 1.2 (April 2012). Outfits were expanded in 1.3 that came June 2012
  • You get the outfits from Synthweaving and Armormech crew skills. The former produces light, medium and heavy armor with robes and the letter more military looking medium and heavy ones
  • Note that Synthweaving outfits are usable by Troopers, Bounty Hunters and Smugglers and Armormech ones by the Jedi and the Sith. The main difference between crafts is in the looks not usability
  • Some outfits are recommended for certain classes but only a selected few have actual usage limits and the restrictions are only on faction and armor type. For example the Han Solo Drelliad Outfit is recommended for a Smuggler but it can also be used by a Jedi Knight. The outfit cannot be used by companions or Imperial Agents however
  • Companion characters may use any of the gear that is not faction-specific. For example Nadia Grell may use Traditional Nylite Outfit but cannot use Force Initiate's Outfit
  • The same gear on an Imperial character looks very different to how it looks on a Republic one. See my Traditional Nylite Outfit example
  • Each set for levels 11 and 15 consists of a chest piece and a legs piece. Later outfits have also a head piece
  • Each item has three open slots as standard: armoring, mod and enhancement. Critical crafting success adds a fourth slot: augument

Synthweaving recipes

LevelJedi Consular (light)Sith Inquisitor (light)Jedi Sentinel (medium)Sith Marauder (medium)Jedi Defender (heavy)Sith Juggernaut (heavy)
11Jedi Initiate'sDark Acolyte'sApprentice'sSith DuelingApprentice'sSith Dueling
15Force Initiate'sInquisitor'sAspiring Knight'sWarrior'sAspiring Knight'sWarrior's
23Traditional NyliteTraditional NyliteAblative LaminoidAblative LaminoidReinforced BattleReinforced Battle
27Jedi Sage'sChanneler'sBlade MasterSith CombatantKnight's CrusadeWarrior's Pulsing
31Traditional ThermoweaveTraditional ThermoweaveAblative PlasteelAblative PlasteelReinforced ChanlonReinforced Chanlon
35Annointed DemicotAnnointed DemicotResilient LacqerousResilient LacqerousFortified PhobiumFortified Phobium
39Traditional DemicotTraditional DemicotAblative LacqerousAblative LacqerousReinforced PhobiumReinforced Phobium
43Consular AdeptSorcerer AdeptSentinel EliteMarauder ElitePeacekeeper EliteWarlord Elite
47Traditional BrocartTraditional BrocartAblative ResiniteAblative ResiniteReinforced DiatiumReinforced Diatium
50Annointed Zeyd-ClothAnnointed Zeyd-ClothResilient PolyplastResilient PolyplastFortified ElectrumFortified Electrum

Armormech recipes

LevelSmuggler (medium)Imperial Agent (medium)Trooper (heavy)Bounty Hunter (heavy)
11DrelliadHardweaveHardened PlastifoldProfessional's
15Rugged SmugglingAgent'sRepublic Trooper'sHydraulic Press
23Laminoid Battle/RepublicLaminoid Battle/ImperialTempered LaminoidTempered Laminoid
27Spec OpsHooligan'sOutcastVagabond
31Plasteel BattlePlasteel BattleChanlon OnslaughtChanlon Onslaught
35Lacqerous BattleLacqerous BattlePhobium OnslaughtPhobium Onslaught
39Fortified LacqerousFortified LacqerousLacqerous MeshLacqerous Mesh
43Gunslinger EliteSniper EliteCommando EliteMercenary Elite
47Polyplast BattlePolyplast BattleDiatium OnslaughtDiatium Onslaught
50Polyplast UltrameshPolyplast UltrameshElectrum OnslaughtElectrum Onslaught

Note that the list above does not take into account craftable PVP armor as it requires Valor Rank 70 and will probably be retired in a future patch as you will be able to simply add an Augment slot to standard PVP armor that looks and works the same but has no Valor Rank requirement.

See the pictures as separate pages: Orange crafting recipes are easiest to find on the GTN

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[Midnattsorg]@83.254.73.* 2012-04-28 12:49:42
Very good list. I have a couple of question. Does every set have all 5 items and what kind of mission skill do i need to get them ? Treasure Hunting, Investigation, Diplomacy or Underworld Trading.
Shadowspark 2012-04-30 09:47:55
Sets for levels 11+ and 15+ have just chest and legs pieces. The rest have head, chest and legs. They have no belts, gloves or boots unfortunately. The best source of the recipes is the Galactic Trade Network as they are random drops from Underworld Trading, Slicing and with lower probability from other skills, world bosses and other generic loot tables.
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