Imperial Agent Operative healing spec and rotation guide

2012-01-06 Shadowspark

Step by step healing guide. Because someone has to clean the mess the Sith do...

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The mask of Revan

Spec: (35/3/3)

Basically you want to stack as much into the healing tree as possible, getting Medical Consult, Medical Engineering, Surgical Probe and Surgical Precision as early as possible (level 31).

How to heal

The Imperial Military is all about efficiency. So is an Imperial Agent's healing. You have potent heals but if you are not efficient you will quickly run out of energy and your team is dead.

Remember that the more energy you have the faster it regenerates so for example getting from 75% energy to 100% is much faster than from 25% to 50%. That is why you should keep your energy level as high as possible which can be quite a circus trick to pull off.

The help comes in the form of the above mentioned talents that make another resource that you can burn to heal effective: Tactical Advantage. As far as you have at least one stack of it, your healing is buffed 6% and you have an instant healing Surgical Probe that burns it. Medical Engineering and Surgical Precision make it easier to get stacks of Tactical Advantage, especially if your patients are below 30% health.

You can also get Tactical Advantage from defeating opponents and using Shiv and Hidden Strike so you may want to stab mobs while healing which adds a pleasant distraction to the spec's mechanics.

The rotation

As healing is mostly reactive you don't have a fixed rotation. There are two vital abilities to keep you running however:

Kolto Probe — apart from healing converts energy into Tactical Advantage; stacks up to two times

Surgical Probe — does not cost energy, is instant-cast, burns one Tactical Advantage — your optimal heal

In a perfect situation these two abilities should be enough. In tight spots you also have Kolto Injection — your powerful casted heal. It is a very long cast however so should be considered mainly as a way to get another Tactical Advantage that will grant you a Surgical Probe.

 Diagnostic Scan — when you are out of other options this free channelled heal is better then doing nothing

Recuperative Nanotech — instant AOE HOT — very convenient (if you have the energy) to throw at your party; note that you will do more healing by giving everybody two Kolto Probes but it is rarely possible

Self defence

Evasion — gives you total immunity for a couple of seconds on just one minute cooldown. With the Evasive Imperative talent also gives you a speed buff which is a great thing in a PVP situation and a convenience in all those airlocks and long tunnels

Shield Probe — absorbes some (unspecified) amount of damage. Just 45 seconds cooldown. With the Med Shield talent gives a bonus to healing received by you so it is important to get in PVP

See the pictures as separate pages: The mask of Revan

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