I had a blast pimping up my legacy stronghold in the Republic Capital. For a first look I recorded a GIF of my hangar. »
Small talk 2015-01-13 Shadowspark
Hi, fellow players. No, I have not quit playing. Currently I am all into interior design and enjoying Galactic Strongholds. I am also one of the few people that actually enjoy doing dailies. »
Small talk 2014-08-27 Shadowspark
This top, bottoms and a hat outfit is a random drop from bags of loot purchasable for real money. You can get them cheap on the Galactic Trade Network though »
Looking good in light armor 2012-11-19 Shadowspark
You are always in the thick of the action. Who caused the turmoil on Tython? Why there are Imperials in the ruins of the Jedi Temple on Coruscant? What happened to the Emperor -- you will find all answers and save the Galaxy from certain doom »
Small talk 2012-08-17 Shadowspark
On Tuesday August 14th BioWare launched another temporary event during which The Chevin Conglomerate offers scavengers a chance to get a bowcaster that is either classified as a blaster rifle or a sniper rifle »
Weapons 2012-08-15 Shadowspark
You want to be the best. There is no price for the second place but death. You are not a minion of the Sith Empire, your loyalty is to your trade code only. »
Small talk 2012-08-14 Shadowspark
Fully moddable chestguard, greaves, headgear and the rest for a traditional heavy armored Jedi look for your level 19+ Jedi Knight or Republic Trooper »
Looking good in heavy armor 2012-07-10 Shadowspark
Risha looks truly like a flamboyant pirate's daughter in this fully moddable Armormech jacket, pants and headgear as will any medium armor companion or level 23+ character »
Looking good in medium armor 2012-07-04 Shadowspark
IMHO Blizzard's raid designers went too far pushing challenges to the top 1% raiding guilds and missed the fact that content should be first fun then challenging to the remaining 99% of us »
Small talk 2012-07-03 Shadowspark
This patch brings another powerful buff for crafters: not only they are still a sole source of augment slots but they can now craft otherwise unavailable orange wrist armor »
Small talk 2012-06-30 Shadowspark
The Shadowsparks: Nastila, Yonabard, Zebedee, Jabelius and [Cypher 9]

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Step by step healing guide. Because someone has to clean the mess the Sith do... »
PvE rotations 06-01-2012 Shadowspark
Step by step tanking guide. Do you want to fight like Satele Shan in the "Hope" trailer? Roll a Jedi Consular and start tanking! »
PvE rotations 05-01-2012 Shadowspark